T: Christiane Fs - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo D: Jan Georg Effler, Jens Kuphal, Natja Brunckhorst R: Uli (Ulrich) Edel P: BRD J: 1981 PO: Szenenbild RU:  DA: , - Nutzung von Filmszenebildern nur bei Filmtitelnennung und/oder in Zusammenhang mit Berichterstattung ¸ber den Film.

It started as a warning book from 1978 written by 2 German journalists based on the true story of Christiane F, a 14 year old drug addict. She hung out at the Sound nightclub in Berlin and before long, she was scoring at the Zoo Station, and selling herself. This story influenced generations of European youth.


Then it was made into a raw naturalistic movie in 1981.

Now this memorable story has reemerged as a TV series which has clear intentions and is very sensitively done.

We have just completed casting local roles and are really pleased to have participated in such an iconic project.

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