Milada – a feature film about Milada Horakova has completed shooting after an exciting year and 10 years of prep directed by David Mrnka and produced by Netflix. The premiere will be sometime this fall!



Besides Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer who plays Milada, you can also see many great Czech and Slovak actors such as:


Vladimír Javorský, Aňa Geislerová, Karel Dobrý, Ivana Chýlková,

Alena Mihulová, Marian Mitaš, Hana Vágnerová, Jiří Vyorálek, Igor Orozovič, Vica Kerekeš and Jitka Smutná.

Take a look at the backstage video that will get you in a mood.


We just found this trailer of a warm drama with cool story – Nosferatu in Love which was filmed here in Prague and we were honored to work on this project. Starring Mark Strong.

In a fit of rebellion against his director which masks his own dark demons, a tormented movie actor (Mark Strong) starring as Nosferatu runs away to a nearby small Czech town when his young wife leaves him, teaming up with a local petty crook with unexpected, absurdest consequences. Loss and failure find their way to a redemption of sorts for both of them.


The Cesky Lev award ceremony was a great opportunity to catch up with Czech film makers, actors & friends. We especially want to congratulate Anthropoid for winning the Ceny filmových fanoušků – “Film Fan Award”. This film in English was directed by Sean Ellis and featured Cillian Murphy and our own Ana Geislerova.

Big congratulations also to Klára Melíšková for Best Female Supporting role for the film Já, Olga Hepnarová.

We are finally finished casting the wonderful TV series.

It was a 7 month ride and we are pleased to announce that almost 80 local actors took part in this project. Take a look at the most recent trailer.

We are grateful for all of the fantastic actors who came to our studio and look forward to seeing all of you again soon!

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 16.41.06

We have just completed casting for the much anticipated film, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, directed by Xavier Dolan. 
Xavier is a bright young award winning Canadian actor and director, who won the Jury Prize in 2014 Cannes as well as the Grand Prix in 2016 at Cannes for It’s Only the End of the World.
The key scenes which are being cast and shot locally,  are opening and closing the film.
This is the first English language feature directed by Xavier Dolan and stars Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain, Kit Harington, Michael Gambon, Kathy Bates, Thandie Newton and Sarah Gadon among others.
Take a look at this interview to understand the project a bit more “Behind the scenes” /

Take a peak at how Einstein will look in the upcoming series produced by Fox  21.  


Starring Geoffrey Rush.


The series will explore how patent clerk Einstein could not get a teaching job or doctorate in his early life yet managed to go on to develop the theory of relativity.


Photo by National Geofraphic

take a peak at how Einstein will look in the upcoming series. fox national geofraphic

We are closing 2016 with a dynamic new film!

Paul Rudd stars in the World War II film “The Catcher Was a Spy,” directed by Ben Lewin and financed and produced by PalmStar Media. Locally produced by Czech Anglo Productions.

Shooting begins mid February for 6 weeks.

You can expect some wonderful names to join the project.

Rudd plays Moe Berg, an Ivy League grad and attorney who goes on to play big league baseball for 15 years. He lived a double life, as his teammates never knew that he was actually a top secret spy for the OSS (a forerunner for the CIA), who helped the U.S. win the race against Germany to build the atomic bomb.




Do you have such a goose bumps as we do? We are so proud to be participating on this film and can’t wait to see it on the big screen in cinema.

The Zookeeper’s Wife tells the account of keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, Jan and Antonina Zabinski, who helped save hundreds of people and animals during the Nazi invasion.

Starring: Jessica Chastain, Daniel Brühl, Johan Heldenbergh.

Make sure you don’t miss this movie!



Let’s have a first look at Sky and Amazon’s new ten-part series Britannia that was shot in Prague and Wales and we were participating on the casting of local actors.

Featuring Kelly Reilly and David Morrissey the series the takes us into the dark heart of the Roman Conquest of Britain.


Written by Jez Butterworth, whose recent works include Edge of Tomorrow, Black Mass and a hand in the script for James Bond’s latest outing Spectre, the flagship series has assembled a solid cast to tell its story and we definitely love the costumes. So watch out!






Take a look at the trailer for Underworld Blood Wars!

It premieres on the 8th of December in local cinemas.

Part of the film was shot at the amazing Hluboka Nad Vltavou castle and  the talented locally cast actors – Brian Caspe, Zuzana Stivínová, Eva Larvoire, Marielle Tepper, Dan Bradford, David Bowles among others.